Backup Services On The Cloud, Backup Web Hosting

December 6, 2015

Cloud Backup ServicesWe all know how important the data backups are. At the same time many of would eventually end up loosing data at any point. It happened to me twice within the last 15 years. Fortunately I had back up of the important documents and the information lost was insignificant. At the time I have started writing this article I did not have a cloud backup of my data, expect the free iCloud account where I use to store my contacts and some pictures I used to keep on my phone device. I had image of my Mac in my Time Machine and some files backed up on an external hard drive. Shortly before I got this text published I already signed up for backup hosting service and I considered iCloud paid service as well.

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Cloud Hosting Providers Review

July 7, 2010

cloud-hosting-providers-reviewThe 2010 is an year of transition for the hosting industry, which is rapidly moving from traditional computing to Cloud computing infrastructure model. At the end of 2009 and during the Q1 of 2010 we have seen the launch of more than 30 very ambitious cloud hosting projects. Who are they, what kind of platforms do they use.

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