Cloud Hosting Providers Review

July 7, 2010

cloud-hosting-providers-reviewThe 2010 is an year of transition for the hosting industry, which is rapidly moving from traditional computing to Cloud computing infrastructure model. At the end of 2009 and during the Q1 of 2010 we have seen the launch of more than 30 very ambitious cloud hosting projects. Who are they, what kind of platforms do they use.

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CloudExpo Prague – It Is Time For Enterprise Cloud Computing

June 22, 2010

cloud-expo-prague-2010It is 11.15 pm and I’m in my hotel room in Prague after a day spent in Sys-Con’s CloudExpo. The WorldCup 2010’s evening game between Spain and Honduras didn’t produce a surprising result. Spain won, which is something that would help it to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. It is Prague, but instead of going out I’m staying in the room thinking about the the first day of the CloudExpo Europe. It is obvious that I’m getting older. Soon I’d become a bore.

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