Shared Web Hosting. Factory for Spoiled Customers

February 29, 2008

5-dollar-hosting.pngSometimes these things happen in life. One day you are very negative about someone or something. The other day you are in position to defend them. Yesterday I posted an article about a HostGator’s ad which on my opinion is extremely “bad-mannered” . Today I should defend the same company against… spoiled customer.

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Hard Times Come Easy For Smaller Web Hosts

February 20, 2008

quality_guaranteed.pngThe good thing about web hosting market is that it is competitive. It is not possible to wake up in the morning and to realize that your are stuck with your current web host and there’s nothing to do. Many people have this feeling anytime when they take a look at their new cellphone bills. The customers of wireless phone service providers don’t receive nether better treatment, nor better service than those who pay for web hosting. To keep however the hosting market industry where consumers have choice we need to tolerate smaller web hosts. See why?

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