A Cheaper Alternative To Expensive Data Centers

August 29, 2006

Server Pipeline, a CPM edition reported that at last week’s LinuxWorld conference, the biggest buzz involved the prospect of Linux virtualization taking over more of the data center. The insurance company Nationwide Mutual, announced that it plans to consolidate 600 Linux servers as virtual machines on two IBM mainframes by the end of 2006.

By moving to Virtual Linux the Insurance company expects to save money on electricity, data center space and to cust server costs. It estimated that the new technology will save $15 million within the next three years. The company officials reported that approximately 350 of its servers have already been consolidated. Nationwide Mutual revealed that 78% of the its 5,000 servers used 10% or less of their capacity.

More information at Serverpipeline.com

Building Data Centers. The Hosting Market Prepares To Grow More!

August 5, 2006

Last two weeks were full of news and stories about web hosts who announced the completion of their data centers or their plans to build one. EquinixIpower, Switch and Data, Peak 10, Liquidweb, IxEurope were among those in web hosting business who released news about building a new data center or an upgrades in their current one.

Web hosting industry is hunting growth since a large investment capital poured into the market. The first and second quarter of 2006 brought up news about acquisitions and mergers. The second one starts with news about building a new web hosting infrastructure and facilities.

The increasing demands of the web site businesses to use more space, bandwidth and to implement new services and solutions requires significant improvements of the web hosting infrastructure. The expectations are that the hosting facilities will continue to expand in the industry.

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