Adding VoIP to Hosting Software and To Service – The “Big Issue” in The Industry

Today TheWHIR, reports that hosting companies and hosting software producers are moving to add ViOP capabilities to service and products.

One of the most popular hosting Control Panel, developers says on Tuesday it has already integrated VoIP support into its Ensim Unify service delivery platform. Ensim will The company will present the new VoIP applications at the Spring VON Conference and Expo in March.

The Ensim’s Unify platform enables service providers to create, control and deliver hosted IP and application services. It comes with 15 IP and application service managers.

The Automation software, produser joins, Level 3 Communications, VoIP Program. It, enables service providers to deploy VoIP technology in a more efficient and low-risk manner. Ensim will work alongside Level 3 Communications to offer VoIP service providers a streamlined and efficient process for delivering their services.

Other companies that combines both VoIP and web hosting services is I’ve called one of the budget web hosting companies I know Host Color, asking about adding VoIP to shared web hosting plans. The company plans to add VoIP features and services in May this year.

San Francisco-based web, host Amernet has already added VoIP to their services. Amernet uses Rodopi, software’s OSS. This is an, operations support system that automates billing, payment processing, customer care and communications for hosts and ISP.

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