Software-As-A-Human. How To Harass Humans Using Technologies?

December 24, 2016

The computing industry created a terms like SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). Now it looks that the financial industry is using computing technologies to create something that sounds like HaaS (Human-as-a-Service). The world’s largest hedge fund is building an algorithmic model from its employees’ brains, which is aimed to give instructions for day-to-day management as well as on hiring, firing and decision-making.

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Non Web Hosting Troubles In Las Vegas

January 31, 2009

I have arrived in Vegas yesterday (January 30th) after more than 20 hours spent in flying and hanging around on airports. I have boarded in Sofia, Bulgaria, the city where I live (at least most of the time) and as I usually do, I’ve landed in New York, the city I spend as much of my time as I can. I love living in New York. This time however I’ve stayed only less than 24 hours in NYC, enough to visit two of my favorite going out places – a Thai restaurant and a small Irish pub – both in Hell’s Kitchen. What’s has this got to do with web hosting?

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