EV SSL Certificates. Where To Get One?

April 7, 2010

website-securityDo you like website addresses that display in a green strip in the web browsers, like PayPal. I do! For those who are not familiar with this feature I’ll explain that this is a website security product called Extended validation SSL Certificate (Extended Validation Certificate). This is a highest possible assurance certificate issued by SSL producers which serves to reassure visitors of any website that it’s run by legitimated business, that can be trusted.

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Noca Promises You A Good Start. But Read Terms And Conditions First

February 13, 2009

noca-image“As an alternative to the incumbent “plastic” solutions to e-payments, Noca provides a modern, secure and intuitive way for any online business to break free”, this ambitious message sends a company which claims to be “The revolutionary online payment system”. Its name is Noca and it offers We offer a total rate of 0.25% per transaction with “No fixed per-transaction fee”, “No setup fee”, and “No annual or recurring fees”. What are the chances of the new merchant solution to hit?
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