Facebook Ads – Very Little, At Very High Cost

November 27, 2016

facebook-ad-deliverabilityHave you used to boost a post on Facebook in order to deliver your message or announcement to more users? I have been doing that for few years. However, I have just decided to stop doing that. Why?

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Does Instagram Work For Web Hosting Providers

July 21, 2015

instagram-for-web-hosting-providersI have recently spoke to an owner of a well-established VPS hosting company who told me that he would like to start using his company’s Instagram account for branding purposes. According to him the web hosting industry is in process of transformation and a thousands of providers would be acquired or would just bankrupt by the end of 2016. He said that he did not pay a lot of attention to the social networks and his company has always been more focused in direct sales.

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