Does Instagram Work For Web Hosting Providers

instagram-for-web-hosting-providersI have recently spoke to an owner of a well-established VPS hosting company who told me that he would like to start using his company’s Instagram account for branding purposes. According to him the web hosting industry is in process of transformation and a thousands of providers would be acquired or would just bankrupt by the end of 2016. He said that he did not pay a lot of attention to the social networks and his company has always been more focused in direct sales.

“All this social networking takes a lot of effort and looks pretty cheap to me”, was one of the things he said, but h has also admitted that one of this Senior sales team members told him that although that social networks did not sell they made a lot of consumers to make decision in favor with a companies which are well presented in the social networks.

It made sense to me so I decided to go and do some research on Instagram and see which web hosting providers are there. While I was searching I got an email from “Help a Reporter Out”, which announced a webinar focused on how companies would increase brand awareness using Instagram. You can see more information about this webinar at the bottom of this article. Now let’s see which web hosting providers ar on Instagram.


The company is undisputed leader in the market of expensive, quality Managed hosting services. Rackspace Instagram account features some pictures from events ad well as companies products and T-Shirts. It is quite undeveloped for a company of their size, however.


I was surprised to see that the Instagram account of this controversial domain registrar and web hosting provider is private. Would it be possible GoDaddy to have so many Greek clients so it’s staff is busy bailing them out?


The most famous overselling hosting provider, after Yahoo is also presented in Instagram . Hostgator’s Instagram features some nice photos. You can see the rock star legend Alice Cooper on one of them, which is both nice and a very cheap way to do marketing (unless Mr. Cooper allowed them to do so). His website is hosted with Hostgator’s owners EIG, so I guess Hostgator somehow got permission to use a photo with him on their Instagram. As you can expect there are a lot of pictures of funny crocks published in the company’s account. I must admit I like it, despite that Hostgator are at the bottom of the list with web hosting provider’s I like.


It is a real shame that a company like WiredTree doesn’t have (or does not use) Instagram. WiredTree Twitter account is really something.


Another popular,quality Cloud and Managed hosting service provider not just missed to claim its name on Instagram, but it has even lost it an Australian digital imaging professional.

Media Temple

I have always liked Media Temple, not just because I haven’t seen any negative reviews about them, but mostly because this company has always been innovative and have been very serious about their business. Media Temple’s Instagram account is fun. I did to see many web hosting related pictures there, but it is still good. The company uses it to promote #fontsinthewild Instagram contest, which is a good example how any web host would use Instagram.

Digital Ocean

This company which has become famous for its reasonable priced SSD VPS hosting services has account in Instagram as The Digital Ocean. It looks very much like a web hosting provider’s account and it is probably the one I like most, compared to those above.

Other Web Hosting Providers

Get in touch and tell me do you use Instagram for brand awareness. If I like what you’re doing, I;d be happy to add you to the editorial list of web hosts that use Instagram.

If you need learn how to use Instagram for branding a web hosting service or product go to and join a webinar named “Build Your Brand With Instagram”. It will take place on Wednesday, July 29 at 2 p.m. ET. The main topic would be how a company can connect to its audience, increase exposure and drive traffic to its brand and website with a targeted Instagram strategy. Registration for Build Your Brand With Instagram webinar.

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