Web Hosting Ad Board. Hosting Ads Only!

July 18, 2015

Most web hosting forums, one can find around the web allow some form of advertising. Some of them are outstanding discussion boards like Web Hosting Talk or Hosting Discussion, others are junky boards, which aren’t managed well and are full of spam. However, all those forums are not created as marketplaces. Their purpose is to encourage Internet users to become members, participate to discussing based on their interest and knowledge, to collaborate, help each other and discuss various industry topics.  Those forums explore the concept that their members like having conversations.

Consumers, website owners, representative of web hosting providers or other web-based businesses get together in these virtual communities for various purposes. Some enjoy communicating with other members, learning, making friends and new business partners. Other just go to find any deal on services and products or use the forums as a place to do business.

Here it is one board Web Hosting Ad Board, which name, speaks for itself. The purpose of this web hosting industry related board is simple – providers post offers, consumers review and search the boards to find the service or product they need. That’s it, no discussions, no suggestions, no talk.