10 Great Years. Why To Admire Google

September 27, 2008

I’m the last one who will wait on a line to glorify Google. If you search Daw blog on “Google” related keywords you’ll find some very critical reviews about Google products and policies. But all those are part of the game. They don’t devaluate Google as a company or depreciate its achievements, and leading role of building the modern web. But I’m sure that Google is much more important as social phenomenon than as technological one. Why?

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No Uptime Web Hosting. A Joke Or Parody?

September 24, 2008

Most web hosts (I mean shared ones) are… well stupid. They claim to offer 2 things you never need. One is 99.9% uptime, another – “750 GB disc space and 7500 GB bandwidth” (well they mean “data transfer” but say bandwidth… no one is perfect). Why do I say 99.9% is not important? Because if you really need very high uptime you’d never choose your web host because of its foolish self promotion. The second thing – “750 GB disc space and 7500 GB bandwidth” works for newbie webmasters and for irresponsible site owners and this is the reason the market to be overcrowded with oversellers.

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