Non Web Hosting Troubles In Las Vegas

I have arrived in Vegas yesterday (January 30th) after more than 20 hours spent in flying and hanging around on airports. I have boarded in Sofia, Bulgaria, the city where I live (at least most of the time) and as I usually do, I’ve landed in New York, the city I spend as much of my time as I can. I love living in New York. This time however I’ve stayed only less than 24 hours in NYC, enough to visit two of my favorite going out places – a Thai restaurant and a small Irish pub – both in Hell’s Kitchen. What’s has this got to do with web hosting?

Well nothing, but from time to time I share personal stories here in Daw Web Hosting log. This one has a very little about web hosting and very much about Vegas. You’ll see it below, but let me first tell you why do I decided to visit to Las Vegas.

I have decided to come to Vegas to attend to Parallels Summit 2009. I’m here half as a blogger and web hosting journalist, and half as a CEO of the Bulgarian company The compsny is one of the oldest and prestigious web hosting companies in Eastern Europe, founded in 2000.

Although FColor has a few thousands of local business class clients (most of them VPS and Dedicated), nowadays it is much more a software lab for producing software applications and technologies for web hosting industry than a classic web host. The last thing the company produced is a load-balanced cluster system based on Blade server hardware solution. It is a great Enterprise Hosting solution, perfect middle-sized and large web hosting companies because it saves them ten thousands of dollars on hardware and reduces dramatically the time and costs of server maintenance. Another thing, more important even than the money is that the load-balanced cluster that has a code name “Fuscan” makes possible even a smaller web hosting company to become a technologically advanced web host.

I’m planning to spend part of the my time on Parallels Summit in listening the keynotes and discussions about Cloud computing and Cloud hosting technologies on Parallels Summit 2009. anther part of the time will be dedicated to meetings with company executives which me and another guy, a software engineer will be presenting the web hosting technology to executives of web hosting companies.

First Night in Vegas

During my first night in VEgas I decided to spend some time in playing Black Jack. 30 minutes after I took a place into one of the tables in Excalibur I realized that my wallet has been stolen. It has fallen down on the floor someone grabbed it. A guy who was sitting on the table next to mine told me that he saw someone who was passing the tables to pick it up from the floor. I was really a blow for me because I had all my documents – ID, drivers license and some other documents in there plus all my Credit and Check cards. My first 24 hours in Vegas turned to a nightmare and I went to security guards to fill a report and started calling my banks to close the Credit Cards. On top of everything, all cash money I had were also in the wallet. So I lost all my credit cards and all the cash I had.

One hours later when I was almost finished calling banks and credit card companies the security of Excalibur found the wallet and everything was there, excluding a few hundred dollars I had in cash. So the night finished happily. I returned to one of the Black Jack tables and played for fun in a company with other 5 people, most of them interesting persons. While playing we talked about different things and I spend a great time. An as often happen when you don’t care about winning or loosing I done pretty well and even won something.

Now is 7.30 am and after sleeping for a few hours I woke up in 6.30 and spend an hour in checking my email, writing this blog post, and watching the Vegas sunrise from my room, on 33rd floor in Mandalay Bay Resort. It is amazing to see sun, rising over Las Vegas in 6.30 in the morning. The first sunbeams touched the buildings of the hotels on the strip and lightened up the city. It was beautiful morning. Thank you Vegas.

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