Web Hosting Day Conference: Day 1

webhostingday2009As often happens when you forget to book your hotel in time you can not find a decent place to stay. For me this meant that I had to get a room in “3 star” hotel at the center of the Cologne and to travel to Bruhl, where the WebhostingDay was taking place. The only thing I’ll tell you about this hotel is that there is a Chinese restaurant at the ground floor and for some reason guests have to pass alongside of the restaurants kitchen before to go upstairs to the their rooms. You can imagine what a smell comes from a kitchen of a Chinese buffet.

I had to drive from Cologne to Bruhl this morning and thanks to the GPS I made a few mistakes, and one of them was about to direct me to another town with the same name (500 km far from Cologne). These was some of the reasons that made me to arrive late at the con. I missed the opening keynote and entered the main hall of the con at same time when Intel’s Marketing Director was opening his keynote.

I’m not praising WHD, but I have to tell you that if you decided not to come to WHD this year you should do this in 2010. the conference is very well organized and there is a growing interest to WHD from professionals from al over the world.

As we can see on many other IT industry and web hosting conferences, the WebhostingDay is also dominated by Microsoft and Parallels, but Intel and AMD are also here. Among main sponsors of the conference is also Interxion, a data center solutions and collocation service provider that deserves your attention.

There are many other well known companies that support the conference. Fujitsu/Siemens, InternetX, AServer, Esh, Open Xchange, Serverbees, Trend Micro, and Vissionapp are among platinum partners of WebhostingDay.

Energy Efficient Servers For Evolving Hosting Architectures

“Energy Efficient Servers For Evolving Hosting Architectures” was the name of the first keynote, that Shannon Poulin, Enterprise Maraketing Director at Intel, gave in the first day of WebhostingDay, shortly after the opening speech. I wasn’t able to blog in real time because I was a few minutes late, but let me summarize what Mr Poulin said:

– Optimization is the key to improving  profitability as hosting service evolve into Cloud Computing

– Deploying servers with the right technology will enable you to deliver rich and competitive services

– Virtualization provides a key foundation for efficient data center operations

DAAS.com, a Cloud Designed For Service Providers

The Mr’s Poulin’s presentation have been followed by “DAAS.com, a Cloud Designed For Service Providers”, a keynote from Arvid Fossen. Arvid is a Director of Product Management in A-Server

His speech was about cloud computing and service providers. Mr. Fossen specified a few type of cloud computing (cloud grid computing, Software as a Service, etc.). HE made a remark that there still no “brainer to go into cloud computing”. One of the most important question that service providers can ask themselves according to Mr Fossen is whether they can compete to giants like Amazon.

See some pictures of the first conference day.


Wuze Town hosting.Fair

fujitsu-siemens-boot-blade-serversFutjitsu-Siemens Blade Servers

internetx-funny-advertisingAn InternetX advertising I like very much!

interxion-data-center-provider-bootInterxion, a data center solution provider in one of the main sponsors of the conference.


Meeting At Microsoft’s boot in hosting.Fair

parallels-slot-machine-play-and-winParallels slot machine. I was very close to earn a Virtuaozzo license, but I haven’t. Well, as the company’s promoter said “You always win with Parallels”, I got a discounted offering for Parallels Desktop for Mac, and I’m gonna try it.

serverbees-hosting-supportServer Bees, a India based provider of customer support services for web hosting companies.

voipmania-romanian-voice-over-ip-companyVoIP, a Romanian voice over IP service provider

These are only a part of the picture I made during the first day of WebhostingDay con. As on any other It conference held in 2009 most people here are focused on virtualization and cloud computing. I’m going to a Cloud Camp on 19th and if there is something interesting I’ll write about it.

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