Doorway Pages In Website Marketing. Are They Spam?

I have started a thread at Web Host Talk Europe about doorway pages and then I’ve decided that it worths to pay more attention on this issue. The marketers are very clear about Doorway pages and their use in internet marketing. Wikipedia says that “Doorway pages are web pages that are created for spamdexing, this is, for spamming the index of a search engine by inserting results for particular phrases with the purpose of sending you to a different page.

The author of the articles adds that this is a cloaking method of doing search engine marketing. Let me now show a different approach.

Making Door Pages Valuable

The difference between a spamming and a valuable web page is small. It is about the content. If you have a page that provides a valuable content, for example a good article, information about something, important updates and etc. would it be referred as spamming one? The answer of course is “No”.

So it is very reasonable to have some Doorway pages which provide a content and information about something that is going on your website. The doorway page may feature news about a product or service, or just to provide any kind of useful information about the same service area or about the product in general. If you have your VPS web hosting service and you can produce different news and content about your company and the VPS, it is very reasonable then to have a quality content Doorway page that offers anything about Virtual Private Servers that users may find important.

Any web page can be defined as important from Search engines even they can be wrong in their judgement. When you search in Google on “web hosting” term you can see there are two internal pages ranked among top 20 results – one under Godaddy domain and another CNet reviews web hosting page. I doubt that those are among most relevant web hosting pages around the web but Google decided they are.

The key of creating a valuable door way page is to make it as a part of the web site concept, not as a part of the website marketing campaign. It is also a good idea to include the Doorway pages as a part of your Content Management System, so you should be able easy to update and manage them.

A Door Way Is Just A Gate, Not a Traffic Tool

Having a content rich and quality doorway pages means that you own valuable web sites. No one says that a door way page is a single page. It can be an external category to any web site, under different domain name, which is seen as a separate entity. In this case a “Door Way” become a “Web Gate” to something. And the more visited is the gate the more important is that is behind.

But don’t think of the door way page as a traffic tool. It would be important the door way page to reach organic growth and to be recognized from web users as well as from the search engines as an important. You don’t even need to hide that it is connected to a service web site. Be honest to your visitors and tell them that you’re working hard to provide an information and content they like. They will appreciate that and it will be easy for them to make the decision to purchase something from you.

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