Google Update Does Not Change Top Ranked Web Hosts

Google has been very generous during its latest global update. Most popular web hosting related sites have held their PR and some even got a higher one. The rank on web hosting related keywords however has not changed a lot and the top ranked web site have kept their positions.

The leader on most popular web hosting related search term in Google “hosting” is Fortunecity, Wikipedia’s web hosting page, hosting directory are among Top 10 listings on both “hosting” and “web hosting” search terms.

A web page owned by Google ( appears among first ten listings on “hosting” keyword for the first time. It however does not appear on the first page on “web hosting” search term.

Another difference from the previous first page ranking on “web hosting” is that there are three web hosting directories among top 10 web sites. grabs the last position on the first page with results on this search term.

The best ranked web hosting companies are Ipowerweb, Yahoo Web Hosting, GoDaddy, Aplus and Hostway. All of them however provide services mainly in shared class web hosting. There is only one enterprise web hosting provider (CiHost) that receives placement on the first page at Google on “hosting” search term and no one on “web hosting”.

There is a very strange listing on the fourth page on Google’s top 100. A web page that is titled “cPanel®” tops Google server. The Search Engines displays another “strange” listing on its fifth page – It is an Ipowerweb URL that redirects to

The first one hundred “web hosting” search results include non web hosting related sites such as 2 Lycos web sites (,, as well as There is also a quasi web hosting site like

A few domains receive more than one listing among top 100 web sites under “web hosting keywords”. One of them is

Free hosting service providers and directories also appear among top 100 listings. They are,,,,

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