Lindows Story Goes To Success

The competition between Windows and Linux OS is not only in web hosting .The hosting market actualy is one of their smalles battlefields. There is a far more important level of competition – the billions of dollars that corporations use to pay for IT solutions and server platforms.

Linspire is one of the IT companies that offer a good example how to bargain with the big sharks in the software market. The firm entered a legal battle with Microsoft 3 years ago that it might loose. Linspire accepted to rename their software products that company sells on European markets and Microsoft agreed to pay $20 million to the Linux distributor, to settle a long-running trademark dispute.

Linspire claims that using its OS consumers will work in safer environment than Microsoft Windows-based computers.

Nowadays both Microsoft and Linkspire agreed to partner on messaging and Web search. The whole news can be read at web site.

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Dimitar A.
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