Ruby on Rails Powers Web Hosting And Gives More Options to Developers

The number of shared web hosts that has added Ruby on Rails application framework to their servers has grown within the last few months. What is Ruby and what makes it attractive?

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture (MVC), a software architecture that separates an application’s data model, user interface, and control logic into 3 distinct components. That allows any modifications to one of those components to be made with minimum impact to the others.

MVC is cosidered as a software design pattern, unfinished design that can not be transformed directly into software code. The design pattern is more description or a template which hints how to find a solution and it can be used in different situations.

The main advantage of Ruby on Rails is that it simplifies the web development by allowing various applications to be integrated within a framework. That save time on writing code and requires a minimum of configuration.

Wikipedia explains that “The Ruby programming language allows for extensive metaprogramming, of which Rails makes much use. This results in a syntax that many of its users find to be very readable. Rails is primarily distributed through RubyGems, which is the official packaging format and distribution channel for Ruby libraries and applications.

Ruby’s principles include Don’t Repeat Yourself and “Convention over configuration”. Don’t Repeat Yourself says that definitions must to be made only once. The components in Ruby on Rails framework are integrated so that bridges between them do not need to be set up manually.

“Convention Over Configuration” means the programmer needs to define configuration that is unconventional.

Ruby on Rails framework has become very popular because it  allows web developers to create dynamic web sites, enabling them easy to wrap applications in a database. It is becoming a new standard in web development.

Companies that offer Ruby on Rails web hosting are Thinkhost, Site5, Exbytes, Ipower, HostMysite, Bluhost and its affiliate company Hostmonster, and many more.

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