UK Company Says 66% or Users Only Look At First 2 Pages of Searh Results

Fasthosts’ SMEs On The Web survey asked 2094 Small business owners about their search engine practices, attitudes towards sponsored links and favoured Search engines.

The survey also found that 66% of internet users and potential customers indicated that they only looked at the first two pages of search results.

These two findings mean that most small businesses may never be discovered online, resulting in loss of revenue every day they are not visible on the web.

In 2005, UK consumers spent £19.2 billion online and that figure is forecast to grow by 36 % this year.

Servey shows that consumers use search engines as a first point of call to search for products and services, and 89% of respondents stated that Google was their search engine of choice. 30% of respondents indicated that they never click on sponsored links.

Survey has been carried out during January and February 2006. 49% of respondents admitted that they do not submit their website to search engines.

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