Under Pressure Search Engine Uncovers Click Fraud

The world’s leading search engine Google said it plans to publish an information about fraudulent click activity on its Adwords clients’ accounts! Google has been put under presure from thousands of advertisers, including the influential web hosting companies because of the increasing number of fraudulent activity generated through its publishers’ network AdSense.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the Search engine who faces a competition from Yahoo’s and Microsoft’s MSN advertising networks announced that its clients could learn, starting Monday evening, the number of times Google believes their ads were the subject of click fraud.

The Google advertisers never had a real look at the scope of the click fraud activity on their accounts. The search engine who has been largerly criticized about the lack of information about both its advertisers and publisher programs Adwords and Adsense stated that “the truth, or at least how Google sees it, could be a powerful weapon”. 

The players on the advertising market including Googles clients and the company’s competitors disagree about the persentage of fraudulent activity that occurs. Different researchers report that Google overcharged its advertisers with more than $1.3 billion. According to fraud investigation studies at least 15% of all clicks generated by Adsense are believed to be fraudulent.

DawHB blog has already reported in an article named “Pay Per Click Advertising. Worth The Money?” that a high number of invalid and non-targeted clicks were generated by Google Adsense publishing system within the last few months. It is hard to make and estimate the number of non-targeted traffic sent but those Adwords advertisers who did not excluded the irrelevant web sites from their campaign received very poor results from their camaigns.

Chuck Richard, an analyst who works for Internet marketing Outsell said that Google, Yahoo and MSN are stonewalling on click fraud to their own and others’ detriment. Outsell released a study last week suggests a enormous click fraud activity.

Google however insists the company is being transparent and let people learn about the the real scope of the problem. The Search engine claims that it made available to anyone informaton that only “tech savvy advertisers” could learn intil now.

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