A Web Hosts & Clouds – A Larger Or A Smaller One?

January 23, 2017

Consumers are not expected to understand the nature of IT computing services they use, to know what’s behind and to be able to differentiate one provider or another. Brand means a lot in any business – the bigger the better. Therefore, the big IT Hosting and Cloud computing brands get the most clients. They might or might not have the best possible IT infrastructure and they might or might not have a service that is stable enough. What they can’t do better than their smaller and middle-sized competitors for sure is to personalize the service and the customer support.

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Dedicated Hosting And Cloud Computing Terms, A Knowledge Boost?

January 2, 2017

In Daw Blog’s previous articles “Dedicated Server Hosting. How Did It Change With The Cloud?” we have talked about the significant developments which web hosting industry experienced within the last 10 years. They have changed the terminology we use today to describe IT hosting services.

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