AdWords Brings Mostly Untargeted Traffic To Web Hosts

After being blasted for its non-targeted advertising system that produces fraudulent activity, at HostingCon 2006 and in other dot-com business conferences, Google has been forced to come in public and to defend itselft agains accusations. So its officials issued statement that said their system is clean of fraud.

Like other claims made by Search engine however, this one has also been just talk. The Google’s AdWords advertising system contnues to produce and send a large number of totaly untargeted traffic to advertisers.

Web Hosting Ads in Google

Look at the latest example. I’ve been asked to implement an Adwords campaign for an European web hosting related site! The campaign has been targeted to specific countries and the marketer who managed it, spent hours in excluding web sites that had nothing to with web hosting and Europe as well. The result was that Google Adwords sent “web hosting visitors” mostly from site like those below:,,,,,,,,,,,,

After contacting Adwords at least five times and explaining that the web sites added to Adwords campaign receive large number of irrelevant and untargeted traffic received, we have received only a bureaucratic answers.

The only decision of course is to stop all Adwords camapaigns. I do not suggest anyone who reads that to do the same. But I strongly suggest you to monitor your Adwords campaigns and if you are not satisfied of the quality to fill compalins and to contact Google Adwords Support.

I’ve also decided to remove the Adsense publisher code from Daw Blog. The reason is that I can not display ads by Google since I’m sure their advertising system does not work! the other reason is that I’ve seen them displaying “poker related” and “work from home” ads on this blog.

So long Google. Thank you for the experience.

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