MySpace Brings More Power To Google

I’ve just decided to try MySpace and Google “took it on”! MySpace is social network site, where people register, create profiles, communicate and make online friendships. It is not a dating web sites, but it is a place where anyone can find different people, most of them skillful professionals in different areas.

According to UK’s Financial Times, MySpace attracts about 250,000 new users every day. That definitely makes the web site one of the most attractive online networks worldwide.

Another interesting fact about MySpace is that it is a part of Rupert Murdoch’s strategy to gain positions in the influential online market. MySpace and a few other web sites of News Corp will get a $900 million in shared revenue from Google by 2010 under the deal.

Google needed to varnish its image hurt by accusations of billions of dollars the Search Engine advertisers lost in click fraud, delivered through its Adsense advertising system. The deal with News Corp and MySpace gives Google an opportunity to reach a new audience for its search and content based advertising. MySpace was bought by News Corp last year for $580 million. It has about 100 million registered users. Google will deliver search results and will display advertising listings to them.

The Search Engine has also obtained an exclusive rights to over sponsored links across MySpace. It will power with its search results other Fox web site such as and Google is expected to pay to Fox Interactive minimum amount of $900 million over three years, as long as Fox meets certain traffic and other commitments.

The the Fox-Google deal is a blow to Yahoo because it used to deliver given MySpace’s advertising results.

MySpace has recently become the most visited web site in the United States. according to Australian research company Hitwise. The deal adds an important source of traffic and advertising revenue to Google, giving the Search engine unlimited access to community of millions young and educated users. They will be able to use Google’s search tools from their MySpace accounts. Google has already doubled the number of visits it receives from MySpace from about 4%  in the first quarter of 2006 to 10.8% last week.

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