Web Hosting News Box In Hosting First SERP

May 29, 2008

It is new, I don’t know how new, but I’ve seen it a few days ago. I’m talking about Googles decision to display “News results for…”, a news titiles¬†related to search terms web surfers type in the G’s search bar. These go almost on top of first page with results (SERP). The system of the Search engine blends listings from news, video, images, and etc.¬†with those it gathers from crawled web pages.

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Has Google To Bring Justice For All?

April 11, 2008

I understand the “Sandbox effect“, even I don’t like the fact it exists. Google is a privately owned corporation which can decide on its own what kind of policies to implement. I wouldn’t blame them for using a “Sandbox” because they need to deal with millions of websites and anyone of their owners expects to get ranked higher on any search terms. Google does not exist to bring “Justice for all”. It is just a commercial enterprise. My advice is simple – “Don’t care about Search engines. Care about people who come to your websites”!

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