Europe Goes Ahead With E-Commerce

Citizens of EU countries spend more time this year surfing the Internet compared to 2006. They stayed connected about 17 days in April, according to Internet analysts comScore Networks.

British online users top the list of the Internet addicted Europeans. UK daily internet visitors are 21.8 million, almost 35% from Britain’s 61 million population. The Britons spend online 5 days more than average European and this makes the country favorite target market for online merchant from al over the world. UK citizens take 35 hours of their time per month to surf the net. This is a regular working week in France 🙂 

Another place in Europe to have a web hosting or any kind of webste service is Germany. The county’s with its 82.5 million population has the biggest national Internet market in Europe by the number of its users. The web business analysts count 32.6 million German Internet users over the age 15.

The list continues with other two smaller countries such as The Netherlands and three Scandinavian countries. All they have the highest percentage of Internet users as a part of their population. Internet users there are between 68% and 83% from all residents. Sweden is probably fantastic place to sell, buy and to communicate online with 4,019 web pages seen by average Internet user monthly.

The Internet users from other two Scandinavian countries Norway and Danmark however use to get connected only 14.7 days per month.

Among other countires in Europe where Internet users spent fewer days online are Austria with 12 days, Italy with 12.9 days, Ireland with 13 days, Portugal 13.4 days, Switzerland with 15.1 days, Belgium – 15.5 days, and Finland with 16.4 usage days.

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