Hosting Pros Can Party!

Here are a few more WebhostingDay photos to add to Dimitar’s WebhostingDay 2009 coverage. I took dozens, but I didn’t want to bore everyone to tears by posting a huge amount in one post. Here are a few that seemed to capture the main spirit of the event. One thing is certain: hosting professionals love to party!

get-together-party-at-webhostingday-2009-324091The author of this post – Derek Vaughan at left, with Jeff Hardy from SmarterTools, and Herbert Vitzthum from SPAMRobin at the Get Together Party.

german-beer-3Here’s what many attendees focused on at the social events: German beer!

bandThe band rocking out at the Get Together party. The played 70’s and 80’s music. The drummer was insanely good.


Phantasialand Park – the site of WebhostingDay 2009 as viewed from above. This is just a small section of the vast park.

british-invasion-324091The ‘British Invasion’ at WebhostingDay. From the left, Phil Robinson, from website host, Neil Barnfather from, James MacGregor with Interspire, Gary Thomlinson also with ehosting.

in-the-air-on-the-way-to-webhostingday-32409Being from the U.S.and not paying strict attention to where I was – I’m not really certain if this is the Seine, the Soane (both in France) or the Rheine (Germany) river. The flight over the beautiful countryside in a small plane was another benefit of traveling to WebhostingDay 2009 by plane. Dimitar drove back and it took 20 hours by car – my flight took about 2 hours.

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