ISP’s, Web Hosts And Content Providers To Fight Spam

Wile searching the web for anything related to web hosting I found a news about LINX conference on SPAM Management.

LINX connect a network of content delivery providers and Internet service companies who partner to make internet traffic to flow more efficiently between providers involved. the organization is funding a Research project spamHINTS.

spamHINTS is a research project into the use of “traffic analysis” to detect email “spam”. It will not be looking at the content of the email, but will be looking for the distinctive patterns, in time, in destination, and in volume that distinguish the bulk sending of spam from legitimate email activity.

The project is build upon and extend existing work on analysing traffic data from email server log files. In particular it will determine how sFlow data from LINX, an Internet Exchange point, can be used to pick out the tell-tale patterns of spam and feed this information back to the originating ISPs.

Find more information on web site.

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