SpamStopper – A Good Solution For Web Hosts to Stop SPAM?

SpamStopper is a Anti-spam software application. It helps a website owners to keep their email addresses to be grabbed by from harvesting spambots.

It encodes the text of an email address so it no longer looks like an email address in the HTML. It makes most spambots to ignore it when they scan web pages. The search engine “spiders” look to identify an email address by certain characters. SpamStopper makes these characters not to display.


SpamStopper obfuscates mailto links reliably
It is Easy to use


Spammers may adapt to SpamStopper’s encoding
It does not support default CC: header, message body 

Besides its antispam function SpamStopper also includes content filtering to protect against bad headers and suspect attachments.

It also offers an option a “white” and “black” lists to be created on 2 levels administrator account and individual email box. Mailbox owners are able to control their white and black lists directly from their POP3 e-mail client.

SpamStopper allows customization of the anti-spam sensitivity level. If a any business or individual expects to receive unsolicited email the spam threshold can be lowered to make sure that some e-mails will not be blocked.

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