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I have spent some time in researching the European web hosting market and I can say that even the large investment that flew there in 2006 didn’t change it a lot. I mean that companies continue to do business behind the national borders and the market didn’t globalize. But this is different story. The present one is about a very special country – Turkey.

Turkey is special because it is both European and Islamic country. The mosques do not stand in the way of people who want to do business the way people in the Western world do it. I can say that this country is a good example of how the Idslam can shake its hands with the modern secular western state.

But let’s get back to web hosting. The first Turkish company that I know involved in one or other way in web hosting is Reg2c.com. II remember that I found this company when I was working for a web hosting provider in 2001. My employer wanted me to find both cheap and reliable domain registrar. I did my best to find this Turkish company that was a reseller of DotRegistrar at that time. I remember they used to sell com, net and org domains at about $7.50 and this was a great price.

For those who don’t know I want to say that the population of Turkey is 70,413,958. At the same time the prices of the shared web hosting services are low enough at all in Turkey. According to webHosting.info the biggest Turkish web host is Turkticaret.net. This company sell its cheapest shared web hosting package at approximately $33.3 per year. Another web host WebSahibi sells 10Mg space and 2GB monthly transfer for $15/year.

The third biggest Turkish web host NatroHost sells budged 500 MB space and % GB monthly transfer hosting plan at $22/year.

Those prices are far less from those in Euro zone and they make Turkish web host very competitive in the EU market. Another good reason many European government to stay reluctant to open the service market in Europe.

The reason to post this is that I spent the New Year’s eve in Istanbul. The vacation made me to do some reasearch on Turkish market. The good thing about Turkish online businesses is that they come from a very optimistic country and that the Turkish web hosting market will continue to grow.

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