Web Hosting Industry Today

Today web hosting industry reports are domanted by acquisitions, sponsorship and partnership news as well as some announcements about improvements made by hosts.

Let’s start with DemoWolf (demowolf.com). TheWHIR.com reports that company released a serie of tutorials for Web hosting companies that covers “Updating DNS” issue. This company specializes in providing fully customized demos for hostiing industry.

“Acquisitions” topic starts with Progress acquisition from Level 3 and m-Qube’s new owner VeriSign. Progress (progresstelecom.com) is a regional wholesale network service provider that operates in New York, Washington DC, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. m-Qube (m-qube.com) is a mobile media management company tha has been acquired from VeriSign in “net of cash” transaction worth $250 million.

Interland No More

The web host changed the popular Interland brand to Web.com after acquisition proccess has been completed. The new name costed Interland $4.4 million. Besides the Web.com domain, the compay has also taken control over 9,000 of Web.com’s customers.

At 5 pm EST however there are still 2 different web sites interland.com and web.com.

Domain Sale

The biggest domain name portfolio of 2006 has been placed for sale today, reports WebHostDir. After 9 years of starting over 31 internet businesses, Mr. Dillon Dao has decided to sell all of them. His asset sales include online dating website, 423 niche dating domains, and a huge portfolio of 567 generic domain names, all of which can be seen at www.nichecashcows.com and www.datingsoftwaretips.com.

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