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“How to do things” is the most discussed topic in web hosting. It is even more discussed that the things which usually should be subject for discussions. Let’s say it like this – “People who don’t know much about any aspect of web hosting business usually write articles proudly titled “What is web hosting?” or “How to choose web host?”.  But web hosting industry is not the only business area flooded by “how-to-s” articles of general competence. It is the same situation in any other filed of dot-com activity. “How to” has become an profitable occupation even in blogging!

Let’s Talk the Talk!

It is strange to me that there are many bloggers who make thousands of dollars only because they write articles that claim to provide advice to bloggers on who to blog. In a reasonable world this would be just a useless activity. Why? Because anyone who decided to create an online diary and to publish content is supposed to know what do they want to tell other people. I may not write about violins with my zero knowledge of this musical instrument or even without any competence in classical music. But be sure that if I go searching for advice, I would get it from many who are in the same side like me.

The same is with blogging. You can hundreds (or even thousands) or blogs who offer you an advice on “How to blog”! Before pointing your attention to see some good examples of blogs who offer ideas let’s say that each of them has many clones, most of them created only to fish for online visitors. Check the originals and think of how to line up among them, not how to copy them.

Blogs to visit!

Problogger – Darren the onwer or Problogger worths all the glory because his blog is onse of the pioneers of providing “how to” advice to people who want to start blogging. Problogger is appreciated because it offers ideas. Darren’s articles help many to better understand various things in creating, managing and publishing web content.

John Chow – I must admit I dislike blog like his JC. Why? Because they claim to teach you how to make money by reading in someone’s blog how do they make money by telling people how to make money”. It sound nutty, isn;t it? But JC’s blog is very useful because it sends one simple and very clear message to anyone – “You can succeed!”. Of course the success is only opportunity, and some people can not afford it. But there stil be someone to give others an example.

Read Write Web This is not “How to blog”. It is a very influential technology daily and the only reason to stick it here is to target your attention to its pages.

Copy Blogger “Why Copywriting is the Key to Successful Online Marketing”, this the message of Copy Blogger, a blog that cailns to help people to create and improve their copywriting skills. The blog provides advice to bloggers on how to: get traffic, gain subscribers, attract links, sell something. I read it occasionally if I find something interesting for me.

Tech Crunch – “Profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies”, this is what Tech Crunch owners sya about their blog. The blog is focused to cover new companies and existing web businesses that “making commercial and cultural impact”. In Tech Crunch you can meet many opinion makers and to get fresh IT business ideas. Go grab them!

Smashing Magazine – I like this one. It is good for web hosting and the proof is that Mosso, a web hosting company very different from other is there. The dot-com magazine is an ultimate source for website design andweb business. It has even has “How to” section!

The Web Hosting Show – You don’t know this one, you are not in web hosting! Mitch Keeler’s web hosting show is very valuable multimedia blog that produces probably the best “How to” articles in web hosting industry.

Mashable – This magazine-like blog promotes itself as “All that’s new on the web” blog. And it’s got the point. It is a good example of a website that points user’s attention to novelties.

The are many other excellent blogs that I don’t know or just don’t have time to post here. But I don’t even need to do this for the purpose of this article.

In conclusion I would say that the average “Blog the Blog” online diaries are useless and I would not suggest anyone either to create another one, or to learn from such blogs. These above are good example of content rich, targeted blogs that worth the users’ attention.

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Dimitar A.
Dimitar is founder of the global Cloud & Infrastructure Hosting provider & European Cloud IaaS company RAX. He has two Decades-long experience in the web hosting industry and in building and managing Cloud computing infrastructure and IT ecosystems. Dimitar is also political scientist who has published books "The New American State" and "The New Polity". "The New American State" is one of the best current political books. It is focused on the change of the American political process. It offers a perspective on how the fourth industrial revolution, also called the Digital Revolution and Industry 4.0, marks the beginning of an era of deterritorialization.