CloudExpo Prague – It Is Time For Enterprise Cloud Computing

June 22, 2010

cloud-expo-prague-2010It is 11.15 pm and I’m in my hotel room in Prague after a day spent in Sys-Con’s CloudExpo. The WorldCup 2010’s evening game between Spain and Honduras didn’t produce a surprising result. Spain won, which is something that would help it to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. It is Prague, but instead of going out I’m staying in the room thinking about the the first day of the CloudExpo Europe. It is obvious that I’m getting older. Soon I’d become a bore.

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Cloud Consulting Is Becoming Lucrative Business

June 25, 2009

cloud-computing-globe“HP announced new consulting services to help enterprise customers consider incorporating the cloud as part of their broader IT strategy”, “PEER 1 launched its CloudXcelerator program… which lets its partners to develop, test and run their cloud applications on the company’s IT hosting infrastructure”, “The web designers’ guide to cloud hosting”, these are one try of the news items about Cloud computing consulting and reference services, that I have found today while browsing for Cloud computing topics.

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