No More Flooded Voting At Digg

Social networks have become a target for marketers and spammers shortly after they gained enourmous popularity. This negative trend hit even Digg, a social network that pay attention on good quality. The way many acted there was to stimulate group voting on their submissions and this way to get traffic to their sites.

More diversity in Digging activity

Digg has announced major change to the their Algorithm. It would prevent group voting up stories. According to Kevin Rose, the changes aim to ensure that “the most popular content dugg by a diverse, unique group of diggers reaches the home page.”

Take a look at what did he say:

“As we point out in our FAQ, occasionally you will see stories in the upcoming section with 100+ Diggs – this is evidence of our promotion algorithm hard at work. One of the keys to getting a story promoted is diversity in Digging activity. When the algorithm gets the diversity it needs, it will promote a story from the Upcoming section to the home page. This way, the system knows a large variety of people will be into the story.”

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Dimitar A.
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