Why Buying Web Hosting?

home-data-center-why-buying-web-hostingThis is some kind of weekend blog article, not a serious issue. However it is funny and I would suggest you to spend a few minutes reading it. I’ve just found a forum thread opened by 16-year old guy who asked “Why are you guys actually buying web hosting?”. Check this out.

“I’m 16, so my home server cannot always be on, i have school and my mum and whatnot to contend with. So my homeserver does have downtime… but it can be done. I use, logmein (yeah i’m a windows boy, for now), Xammp, Filezilla (my own install), MySQL (my own install) and Mercury Mail (Xammp) with no problems. Other then the mail attack last night, but I misconfigured it.

Anyway, its really fast inside the house, its not a great machine and its QUICK; i can store my school work on it…the only thing i cant do is set up subdomains, due to No-ip.com limitations. But why dont you guys, you could even create your own little hosting company (for friends or w/e) at home? I do have a web host (Dreamhost.net) so I’m not innocent in my case, but i live in a rural area where 30kb/s upstream is good, you guys, well the urban of you; surly you can afford a low traffic server at home?

This has been posted in a Devnetwork.net forums by “HavokDelta6” and signed with the name Havok (nice one). Take a look at the suggestions other forum members made.

“It’s actually cheaper for me to get a hosted solution, than to pay my ISP to give me a static IP – about $30 CAD/month cheaper – not to mention electricity costs. I did have my own host for a little while – redirecting with Dynamic DNS & it was more trouble than I thought it was worth. If I wanted to add a new email account, I had to edit config files. If I wanted anything but a plain vanilla install of a service, I had to hunt for packages. For $200 USD/year I get all that taken care of. $200 may be a lot for someone in your position, but I think it’s worth it for the trouble it saves me”.

This was posted “Pickie” 28-year old web application specialist and Intranet web programmer, who lives in Alberta, Canada.

“I pay a tenner a year for my hosting. The electricity required to power a PC 24/7 would probably cost more than that! Oh yeah, I see pickle beat me to it.”

This comment was made by Jackpf who lives in Ipswich, UK.

“That was quick. No £80 isn’t that much. I’m actually working on my own system to handle creation of new accounts. I’d love to know whats out there, because googling things like “creating your own webhost” didn’t yeild much. But with the email thing, Just do it automatically in PHP, you dont have to add much… just file_put_contents with the append flag works… What about for development, do you have your own virtual one at least?”, responded Havok.

“No one is willing to turn their home to a data center. Any server needs a certain environment to run properly – the temperature should be around 69 Fahrenheit and it should be clean around. The costs of power and cooling are also an issue. Another one is that you don’t want anyone from your family, friends or relatives to unplug the cable by accident”.

The above comment was submitted by “fcolor” the last user who joined the thread. I only send warning to web hosts and dat center owners – “Be careful and do not rise the costs. The data center business is going a commodity business!”. Well to be more precise I should say that it would go commodity business within a few years. Have a nice weekend!

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