Web Hosting News Box In Hosting First SERP

It is new, I don’t know how new, but I’ve seen it a few days ago. I’m talking about Googles decision to display “News results for…”, a news titiles related to search terms web surfers type in the G’s search bar. These go almost on top of first page with results (SERP). The system of the Search engine blends listings from news, video, images, and etc. with those it gathers from crawled web pages.

My first impression is that I like this change because when I search on particular keyword, let’s say “web hosting” I can see what’s new in todays web hosting world. Well, it wasn’t very hard to find a news about web hosting before this change to be made. All anyone needed to do is to go searching in Google’s news section. But now having news results in the first page changes the way consumers get information about products and services. Why?

Let’s say that webistes listed on the first page in Google on “web hosting” search term are there because, in one or another, they provide relevant information about web hosting business and hosting products and services that consumers like. These search results however are passive, they represent only a picture, a moment from the web hosting developments, something that already happened a month or even an year ago.

The change GOogle made makes its search resuls more relevant and dynamic because the fresh content within search results is something that makes them more relevant. It means that anyone who’s good enough to produce a quality news and content can be featured in this section bypassing many results which aren’t up to date.

The Google’s move is a new opportunity to quality news editioins to produce content that can get featured in SERP displayed to millions of web users each hour.

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Dimitar A.
Dimitar is founder of the global Cloud & Infrastructure Hosting provider HostColor.com & European Cloud IaaS company RAX. He has two Decades-long experience in the web hosting industry and in building and managing Cloud computing infrastructure and IT ecosystems. Dimitar is also political scientist who has published books "The New American State" and "The New Polity". "The New American State" is one of the best current political books. It is focused on the change of the American political process. It offers a perspective on how the fourth industrial revolution, also called the Digital Revolution and Industry 4.0, marks the beginning of an era of deterritorialization.