2008 – Shared Web Hosting To Become Monkey Business?

I’m a big grouser when it comes to 2 things – Google’s monopoly in the search engine market and overselling trend in shared web hosting. To be honest I’m still using Google to search, its advertising program to place some ads and its publishing program to gain some revenue. But I’d never agree that overseliing in shared hosting is acceptable.

overselling.jpg2008 – “Terabyte” Shared Hosts Are Comming!

The offers came from shared hosts who succeded in 2007 looked like this one:

750 GB disc space
7500 GB traffic

What is “etc.” is not important at all. The message which overselling hosts send to customers is that they offer plenty of disc space and bandwidth. They went to offer 500 GB disc space in 2007. Do you know where are they going? To start offering 1 Terabyte of disc space! That’s what will happen in 2008!

This will result of loss of value for many shared hosting providers. I’ve seen that some Web Hosting Talk members say that shared web hosting has become commodity business and that’s why the value of the shared host is going down. This is true maybe, but the most important question for quality shared hosting providers is “How to stay honest on a market where you must be dishonest to survive?”.

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