How Do You Manage Ads On Your Website?

openads.pngAs I always say web hosting is not about disc space and bandwidth. Those who offer hosting services have to focus on offering quality tools we can use. Today’s article is about something very useful, I believe. About ad management systems – hosting software that enables website owners to run their own in-house advertising and to manage advertising campaigns in a network of websites.


Let’s start with OpenAds. This is the news name of phpAdsnew. The revamped version is definitely better. It allows siteowners to run and manage banners, text listings, flash and various ad formats on remote server.

System has two categories “Avertisers” and “Publishers”. Advertisers can create manage their campaigns i different categories. They are allowed to create campaign, to rotate different banners and to define certain percentage of impressions for any.

OpenAds is actually a whole ad server, with a tracking system for gathering statistics. The good news is that the system allows users to integrate banners from third party advertising networks.

It comes with GNU General Public License (GPL) and it can be run on various OS such as Linux, Windows, Freebsd, OSX, and Sun. I use it on Fedora Linux server and it works fine for me!


AdSapient is another open source ad server but it is written in Java using J2EE technologies. It offers geo targeting, uniques capping and time filtering. The producer say the system handles 500 million ad views on one server. Company says that a clustering is possible but it requires configuration.

AdSapient uses the model of matching advertisers’ banners with publishers’ ad places. It allows filtering but does not offer forecasting, booking, prioritization and etc.

PHP Random Banner Display

This ad management banner system is a script that randomly display a banner each time a user comes to your site. It is good for managind ads of any size, including source code, installation instructions, and a demo of the code.

It comes with GNU General Public License (GPL) and work on varous OS.

CJ Ad Rotator

It is easy to install Ad Manager system! The producer says that all siteowner has to do is to upload all advertising codes in a list. The CJ Ad Rotator script changes rotates anners and gives them equal number of impressions.

Pay-Per-Click XML Feed Parser

This script parses XML feed from any PPC (pay-per-click) advertising network and fetches ads to the browser. Output format is controlled by template. The script can eliminate an unintentional fraud by optionally using JavaScript to output ads (with URLs divided into small chunks). The producer say this prevents any automatic software from following one and the same link.

Users can override default sorting order of XML feed by introducing a keyword multiplier. An ad which contains the keyword “php hosting” is likely to generate more clicks than the other like “php webhosting”. Using “Pay-Per-Click XML Feed Parser” the siteowners can give priority to ads, they believe will have higher CTR (click-through rate).

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