$6 Domain Names?

“Let Your Dreams Come True”, this is the title of a very nice domain name promotional campaign launched by InternetX, a German domain web service provider. If we put on the side the quality of the promotional campaign, which I must admit is poor (shade sexy girls sitting over a signs of domain extensions), InternetX offers one of the best prices for new domain names.

The promotional campaign is valid through March 31, 2009 and only for companies who sigh contracts with the domain registrar. InternetX is one of the biggest European web service provides that offers domain registration, server (business class) hosting including managed Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Colocation, as well as SSL certificates, and software services.

InternetX now offers COM domains for $5.49/year, NET for $4.99/year, ORG for $6.99/year, .US for $3.99/year, EU for €4/year, Polish .PL for €3.90/year and .LC for $39/year. These prices apply for the first year of domain registration only. The regular prices of $7.80/year for COM, NET and ORG names apply for the second and following years.

The company’s domain name promotional campaign is one of the best in industry, or at least the best I have ever seen. The web service provider is one of the reliable dot-com servie providers in Europe.

A thing I dislike with its website organization however is the way they promote their dedicated hosting products. When you go to “Servers” menu, then choose “Dedicated Server” you are beigh trnasfered to a page that features Managed Hosting products and services.

To find more information about the InternetX’s domain name promotional campaign visit the page – http://www.internetx.com/pricelist. It is a .PDF file. There are very interesting (it means low) prices for Mexican TLD – €9/year, Swiss name €11/year, and etc.

Another interesting (but this time high priced) names is the Cuban TLD. It costs €650 per year.

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