Europe To Promote .EU Domain Based Websites

The European Unioun’s registry EURid begins “Summer 2007 .EU Awareness Campaign” that is set to promote the .EU domain extension. 2,461,112 .EU domain names has been registered since the sunrise period. Consumers and businesses from Germany, UK and Netherlands are among the most excited fans of the EU names. The dot-EU advertising campaign will take 3 weeks and it aims to urge European business to register and use .EU names. At this time only 2% of the European consumers and businesses have .EU domain.


EURid: “We Will Promote your .EU”

The European registry wants to get more information about what do the .EU owners do with their domains. EURid is expected to send letters to registrants and to propose them to start promoting their websites. The EU domain body asks web business how do they use their .EU names and it promised to promote some of the most developed web sites.

The .EU promotional campaign begins in Belgium and Czech Republic this July. The winners will be granted with testimonials and will be exposed in the Luxemburg train station in Brussels. The website launched to promote the .EU names is Going For EU.

The Latest .EU Survey

A survey on .EU domains conducted in April and May in all 25 European countries, among 5,500 respondents between age 15 – 64, says that 79% of participants are familiar with the concept of The European TLDs. Only 63% percent of them however know that .EU has already come out on the market.

45% or the respondents know that as .EU citizens or residents they are entitled to register an .EU domain. 24 percent of them know how to get an European domain name. 18% precent from Europeans have their own domain name and only 2% of those names are dot-EU. Anyone who is interested to read the .EU Domain Survey can follow the link.

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