Intel To be Sued From U.S. Prisoner Inmate?

I was searching for a good story to start in 2009 when I found the this: A U.S. prison inmate sued Intel for $5 billion! What a wonderful start of the new year for Daw Blog :).

The 43 year old Matthew Young insisted that the Intel’s Core 2 Duo chip and its virtualization technology are based on trade secrets pilfered from him by way of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Mr Young recently filled court papers with an Oregon-based US District Court, 43-year-old Matthew Robert Young claims that he shared these trade secrets with “His Steveness in 2003 and that Jobs quickly spilled the beans to the world’s largest chip maker”. What Matthew Young wrote to Intel?

Dear Intel Corporation:

Does this look familiar? Well it should. It is the Hacker Proof, Virus Proof Computer, that I invented, which I Call [LANCELOT]. I showed it to Steve Jobs, at Apple Computer, and asked him for Two Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars, he took it to you at Intel, and you built it but you do not know how to turn it on.

So here is what you are going to do. You are going to Agree to pay me Seventy Percent (70 %) every thing that You Gross Profit, and then I will tell you how to turn It on and make it do what I Designed it to do.

You have 30 days to Respond, on Bonded paper, with your Signature written in Blue ink, or I am going to send copies Of my schematics to AMD (Advance Micro Devices) and Tell them how it works for next to nothing.

Intel responded:

We have received the materials you provided to us in connection with the above referenced matter. After consideration and review of the submitted documents, Intel has determined not to pursue this matter.

Thank you for your interest in Intel Corporation and for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

According to Mr. Young Intel did not agree to that 70% profit cut. He also pointed out But he that with its letter, as well as in the later correspondence, that Intel never denied that or even challenged that he was the original creator of Core 2 Duo chip.

In his court filing, Matthew Young “prays that the United States District Court will Issue a Judgment Awarding” him $5 billion. Yes, $5 billion – the same sum Dylan Stephen Jayne demanded from Google for “crimes against humanity“.

Young is sentenced in the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon. He demanded a hearing, in which he claimed to demonstrate that he is “the only person in the world at present who knows how to make both the Core-2 Duo micro processor and Virtual Technology work.”

The court papers say that in March 2003, court Mr. Young have sent Steve Jobs designs and schematics for a “Hacker proof, Virus proof Computer with Multiphase Microprocessors” that he called “Lancelot”. According to him, Steve Jobs should help him in development and marketing technology, or buy it for $250 million.

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