What Marketing Industry Brings To Web Hosting in 2017?

Apps, Personalization, Automation, Strategic diversification, New kinds of purchase decisions, Better conversion opportunities, Wearables and mobile. Those are “the top 7 online marketing trends that dominated 2016”, outlined in a Forbes.com article by to Jayson DeMers and executive of the Seattle-based content marketing firm AudienceBloom.

He has also featured seven online marketing trends of 2017. Those are:

  • Ushered in by Pokemon Go, We’ll See the True Rise of Augmented Reality
  • Live Video Streaming Will Fully Take Off
  • Data Visualization Tools Will Greatly Expand, As Will The Need
  • Native Advertising Will Explode in Popularity
  • Brands Will Increasingly Target Niche Markets Out of Necessity
  • We’ll See the Rise of ‘Immersive Experience’ Content Marketing
  • ‘Dense Content’ Will Become Essential to Cut Through the Content

What Do The Outlined 2017 Trends Mean For Web Hosting Industry?

I don’t find the Pokemon games funny, but millions enjoy it. Kinds love it and since they do it has a future. Augmented Reality (AR) games, a computer-generated image of the real world as we see it plus computer-generated sounds, video, graphics and more is very likely to grow even further in 2017. It would change the television and movies as well as the entertainment world.

As more companies are expected to launch AR games, AR ads, Augmented Reality is becoming a niche industry. The IT Hosting industry would need to deliver more computing resources for Augmented Reality projects. This will drive more business for any king networking computing – from clustered architecture, through virtualization and Cloud computing.

Live Video Streaming Is Growing Even Further

Sports and live concerts and Internet televisions are among biggest consumers of bandwidth and online streaming services. All of them are not even close to social media demands for video on demand and live streaming. Hundreds of millions of users are actively making and sharing videos. While traveling people send more videos and stream live their in-the-moment content. This makes telecoms to improve their infrastructure and find a way to optimize bandwidth and improve data transfer quality. For web hosts, it means new setups and growing bandwidth demands.

The mobile Internet is getting faster and there are a re growing number of mobile apps that offer live streaming functionality.

Data Visualization

The economy continue to digitalize and therefore the presentation of data in a graphical format helps us to understand what is it about. It improves our ability to thin analyze it, conceptualize and make decisions. There a number of data visualization tools available on the market already (Chart.js, Tableau, Raw, Dygraphs, ZingChart, InstantAtlas, Timeline, Exhibit, Modest Maps, Leaflet, WolframAlpha and more). However, within the next few years more businesses and organizations would need to start using them on a daily basis. The technology will be more sophisticated and will demand more computing resources and data will require more storage as it would be growing on a daily basis.

Native Model Of IT Services

In advertising Native Ads a form of sponsored content. You can see it in most new websites at the end of each article. Native Ads complement the content and at least in theory point the readers attention to commercial content which is as close as possible to the topic of the article or the content section. The concept of native advertising is getting extended to other industries and online formats. E-Commerce websites are getting to a point of of convergence of various IT service and products which complements one another.

Within the last few years the advertising industry was challenged by consumers who have been ignoring conventional advertising. It responded with the Native Ads as a sneaky form of advertising through sponsored articles and advertisements. For the web hosting industry the Native Model Of IT Services means, that businesses would need to form alliances and that the websites of the web hosting providers would evolve from IT service and customer support centers to some form of Web Malls that sell various Internet services and products.

Niche Markets Will Become More Important

Within the last few years consumers and business changed the way they search for IT hosting services. They started searching for specific, niche type of CMS of Application hosting, not for hosting infrastructure. The most popular software applications developed their own web hosting niches with specific requirements. The niche hosting industries will continue to mature and will become bigger.


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