Italian Company Tiscali Most Reliable Web Host In June

Italian ISP Tiscaly took the lead of the list of most reliable web hosts for month June this year. The news came up at the same time as Tiscaly’s placed bid to acquire UK’s ISP Pipex. Pipex owns web hosting companies 123-reg and Web Fusion.

Tiscali conders to buy Pipex’s ISP operations for about $406 million. A deal will increase the Tiscali’s customer base in UK to 2 million. Now the company work in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Czech Republic.

The Netcrafts July 2007 survey received responses from 125,626,329 websites, and registered an increase of 3.62 million sites from the previous month’s survey. According to web analysts “Microsoft is making additional inroads into Apache’s leadership in web server market share”.

Netcraft says that the web grew by 20.4 million web sites thus far this year, slightly behind the growth rate from 2006, when the company’s survey recorded 30.9 million web sites.

Microsoft got 2.4 million new web sites hosted on its platform within the last month and now the number of web sites hosted on Windows powered servers is more than 40 million. This means Microsoft has increased its market share to 32.8%. The Apache has an increase of 556,000 and now holds 52.65% of the market.

Apache now has 14.5% lead of Microsoft in active web sites. At this time last July it had 33.4% advantage of Microsoft Windows platform.

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