Meta Tags And Google

keywords.pngI’ve just come from DigitalPoint forums where I’ve seen that some members posted questions about meta tags. These is one of the most discussed topics in Search engine optimization. I’ve seen many threads on this issue and I’ve alsoe written someting about them. You can read article Meta Tags. Do They Help Your Website To Get Better Search Results?

Let me first say that there is no doubt on Meta tags importance.

Meta Tags are very important

They say to Search engines and to web surfers what will they find on the web page. The more relevant to page content are Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords), the more useful is the web page.

Unique Meta tags refer to unique content

My advice is “Create different Meta Tags for each page”. No one creates web site of 200 identical pages. If they copy each other then they all are useless. The same is with Meta Tags. It is important to have different Meta tags for each page. Of course it is a good idea to have the name of the website in Meta Tags which belong to each page. This is important.

Good keywords

“Good Keywords” are not commercial ones. Those are words and phrases which users will find in content of the web page. So my advice here is do not repeat keywords and do not commercialize them. If you have a web hosting related website it is better to place various keywords on each page that say to robots what will the read on the page. Do not put “Best Web Hosting” on all pages. They do not refer to “best web hosting” but to specific content.

Keywords have to be unique for each web page because its content is different from other pages of a given website.

Meta tags and Google

They are as important for Google as they are for other Search engines. Well written Meta tags say to Google robots that you follow guidelines. They also say that you care about more about your site visitors.

“Good meta tags” do not guarantee high rank in Google. But you can not reach it without Meta tags which ar erelevant to your website content. So read Google’s webmaster guidelines and think of how to better describe your web pages in Meta tags.

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