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web-hosting-talk-newsletterOne of the best ways not to receive tons of email, which pile up on your mail box and makes you to fill as you always missing something is to unsubscribe (actually never to subscribe) from all the newsletters you receive. Any online publishing website wants you to be in its list of newsletter subscribers. When they have you on file, they can show their advertisers a portfolio of readers (sometimes even profiles) and to profit from sending officially spamming your email.

But this is the dark side of the story. It becomes reality when you subscribe for the newsletter of the each website, that for some reason seem to be useful. However one you start receiving email, after email you realize there is less to read than you ever expected.

That’s why I never subscribe for newsletters. I can say that I carefully read websites’ TOS to find this “hidden paragraph” that will allow them to send me something. And sometimes find such paragraphs. But today I have an intention to tell you something about a useful newsletter, not about those that SPAM your mail box.

Web Hosting Talk’s / myInet Newsletter

I will apologize to all people I know in hosting industry, adn especially to those in reputable media for not reading their newsletters. This only news that I receive on my mail box is the one signed by Dennis Johnson (aka SoftWareRevue), iNET Community Coordinator at WHT.

The reason to this is because he covers topics that a re far beyond web hosting. Dennis always tels you a story or pushes WHT users to think of processes or to analyze the developments (at least I read his newsletters this way). The latest newsletter “Finding a balance” is good example for this. I’ll republish it below for those of you who aren’t WHT newsletter subscribers.

Another good things about web hostign addicted is that the WHT newsletter points WHt members attention to some of the most interesting threads and ongoing discussions.

Here is the latest one:

Finding a balance.
Things are tough all over. The global recession is impacting nearly everyone to some extent . But I firmly believe that we’ll all pull out of this just fine. Some will fare better than others. But we’ll all prosper in the end.

Many of you know I flip cars. I’ve discussed it in the newsletter before, and I’ve mentioned it on the forum. I had been expecting to purchase cars a lot cheaper than I’d been able to in the past. But I just haven’t seen that happening. The used car market seems pretty stable. And, if it’s an economic indicator, there is no economic emergency. Of course, it could be that the used car market is strong because the new car market is weak. But I believe the economy will right itself. We’ll find what works and get everyone working. Even when things are going bad, there are other things that are going well.

Some people find profit and opportunity through diversifying their business. Others find it by adjusting their margins. Our first featured thread focuses on how providers are finding a balance between increasing costs and not raising their own prices.

This what WHT says in their lates newsletter. If you liked it just register with them and subscribe.

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